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Partners Spotlight

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Our vision statement is focused on partnering the right manufacturer with the right end user. Those highlighted here not only have wonderful sustainability stories, exceptional company cultures, and best-in-class products, but they also focus their target market on people like you…the kinds of businesses that we partner with every day!

{ "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/onescreen-logo_1.png", "name": "OneScreen", "text": "OneScreen has taken a people-centric approach to collaborative technology. This has led to extremely simple but powerful solutions that generate productive interactions without technology barriers.", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/CTI19_LOGO-All_Logo-Full-Color-Gradient2x.png", "name": "ClearTouch", "text": "Whether remote or in person, Herald leverages the ClearTouch portfolio to deliver the best solution to meet your specific and customized needs.", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/Bose_logo.png", "name": "Bose", "text": "When designing collaborative spaces, oneaspect often overlooked is the quality of the sound. This is why Herald partners with industry leaders such as Bose.", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }


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