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“How hard can it be?”  A few of our famous last words before diving into a deep rabbit hole of direct-to-object printing in May of 2021!


One of the most interesting categories at Herald is our direct-to-object print division.  Utilizing the LSINC Peri-Q, we print on a four-tunnel helical press using a state-of-the-art digital print engine.  That’s a mouthful for those not in the industry, but simply put, we print four pieces of media at a time, digitally.  The media spins as it passes under print heads, where we jet digital ink onto the surface.  Ink is instantly cured using UV lamps, allowing us to produce thousands of pieces per day!  Prior to print, the media is pretreated based on its specific properties.  Glass, for example, requires flame treatment, Pyrosil treatment, and primer application prior to print, in order to ensure a dishwasher-safe adhesion!


As the division has grown, we have invested in a 16-station Kammann screen printing press, capable of printing direct-to-object at speeds of up to 75 pieces per minute!  Between the LSINC and Kammann, our capabilities are near limitless.  Give us a call today to see if our team is a fit for your specific printing need!


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