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Water Cooler Program

Is there any office staple more iconic than the water cooler? Everyone has one, but not may give thought to who provides them, how their water is treated, and how they are maintained

At Herald, we understand that the breakroom is an ideal way companies show they appreciate their team members and customers, so we ensure no corners are cut with this critical breakroom component. We bottle the water ourselves in a state-of-the-art purification line. We re-mineralize the reverse osmosis purified water with a best-in-class recipe for optimum taste and health benefits. The water is delivered to you, as needed, on our own trucks, ensuring you always experience top shelf service!


Are you feeling a little out of space? Ask about our plumbed offerings, with countertop and floor models providing excellent alternatives to bottles and racks.

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If you’re feeling extra crazy, take a look at the Ion coolers! Plumbed units available in both freestanding and counter models, these are the highest quality cooler you can use, with UV Cleaning, extra filtration, and CO2 tanks to offer sparkling water to your teams and clients!

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5-gallon water refills have never been easier to order!

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Unlike other companies, we do not operate on a weekly or every-other-week route system. You order the water online, and we deliver exactly what you need the following day! By bundling water with your existing deliveries, we can eliminate route fees entirely, and deliver all of your office needs in a single stop!

  • 110 Roosevelt Street Dillon, SC 29536
  • Phone: 843.774.5155
  • Fax: 843.774.3758
  • Toll Free: 888.241.3714

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