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Dispenser Programs

Enhance Your Facilities with New Dispensers

In today’s market, there is no excuse for below-average dispensers in restrooms. A clean restroom includes a full set of dispensers, filled with product, for your patrons to use. If you are in need of a restroom refresh, give us a call today for a look at our free dispenser program we offer customers! On the one hand, it is a strange thing to have on the same website as luxury commercial interiors, but on the other, it takes every space of a building to create your site-specific atmosphere.


Air Care

We are a bit weird on this one, but we like buildings that smell clean!  While disinfectants and degreasers and cleaning agents certainly eliminate bad odors, many don’t replace them with fresh ones!  Our air care line offers a full product assortment to keep your spaces smelling clean and fresh!

Metered Air

The Industry Standard for air care, metered air comes in generic dispensers, with countless refill options!

Battery operated timers disperse product based on your settings (turn off on weekends, turn off at night, sprays per hour, etc.) Check out our full line of air care below.

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Passive Air Dispensers

The second category of air care dispensers hold air fresheners that passively emit fragrance over time.

While they are the most economical form of aircare and highly effective, they do require team members to be vigilant in replacing them, as their is no warning that the scent has expired. We carry dozens of dispenser options with countless refills to offer budget aircare that still packs a punch!

Passive Air Dispensers

Active Air Dispensers

Similar to the passive air, these take a single use, non-aerosol refill, but are equipped with a fan to maximize the spread of the fragrance.

Take a look at our multiple options and see if Active Air is right for you!

Active Air Dispensers

Non-Air Air Care

Few appreciate the impact these critical products play in managing restroom odors.

Urinal Screens, Toilet Bowl Clips, and Urinal Mats are ultra-effective at further mitigating negative smells in restrooms. As a tip, do ensure that the scents you select between your metered or active/passive air dispenses blends well with these non-air solutions, or contrasting odours may be worse than no odour at all! Give our team a call today to learn more about overall restroom solutions!

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