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Key Verticals

Our Chemical Line-up

All chemicals are not created equal. As any good facilities staff can attest, there is no magic bullet to cleaning. Various chemicals fit multiple applications, and your site has its own specific nuances important in determining a cleaning regimen. We bring a variety of options to the table to help your team. Take a look below!


Ready to Use

The tried-and-true method for purchasing chemicals, Ready-to-Use or RTU chemicals are readily available from Herald.

We carry a blend (pun intended) of name brands you love as well as RTU SKUs for industrial cleaning applications. Click here to see some of our many options!

Take a Look

Dilution Control

If you don’t actively live in the chemical world, you may have never heard of dilution control.

Consider your favorite brand of glass cleaner. It has a bit of ammonia and other chemicals, some blue dye, a touch of fragrance, and a whole lot of water. It is why you can by concentrates to refill your empty bottles at your favorite grocery store (also at Herald)! A dilution control system is for high-volume environments, where end users purchase the concentrate, mix the chemicals themselves through a variety of systems, and refill their own cleaning containers, rather than sourcing new ones.

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Floor Care

Unfortunately, floor care is far from a one size fits all.

While we have partnered with the most robust floor care chemical manufacturer in the business, it certainly doesn’t automatically make it simple! If you’re in the business, these categories and terms will strike plenty close to home!

Check out Floor Care Options

Restroom Care

One of the most important tasks that must be performed in any building is the cleaning, sanitizing, and maintenance of the restrooms.

As you may guess, this is likely not the job for a consumer chemical found at your nearest grocery store! Consider the acronym MOPS as you consider your facilities restrooms. You should ensure proper maintenance of equipment and supplies, provide necessary odor control to improve the general experience, maintain proper cleaning of the restroom, and constantly sanitize everything! We offer restroom specific disinfectant bowl cleaners, bathroom cleaners, deodorizers, crème cleansers, bioenzymatics, and dilution control options to ensure your team is prepared for anything!

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Carpet Care

Carpet requires more than a vacuum and an annual steam cleaning. We offer pre-spray treatment, spot removers, and a full line of heavy duty carpet care chemicals.

On top of this, we have an array of carpet cleaners to use with our industrial equipment to ensure your carpet is cared for and reflects the value your organization places on its facilities. If you are not currently using encapsulation products, give us a call today to learn how the industry has progressed, and how you can elevate your carpet game!

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Stone Care

Marble and Limestone, Terrazzo Floring, Granite Maintenance, and Ceramic Care. Even floors as simple as “stone” are not a one size fits all!

Did we mention our products tailored for quarry tile, terra cotta, pavers, or monocuttura/saltillo tile? Just like you do if you manage floors like these, we get that not all stones are created, nor cared for, equally. We also understand that if you are still reading this, your organization has likely invested heavily in your stone floors, and you don’t take the responsibility of caring for them lightly! We ask that you bring in a specialist from our team prior to purchase to ensure we get you the right product to fit exactly your need, and provide training to ensure the results you expect!

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List N Disinfectants

Oh, Covid...few knew what a dwell time even was before you showed up.

Like so many others, we offer a full line of list N disinfectants, but won't say more than that as you may be as tired of hearing it as we are!

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The kitchen is one place where excellence is always expected, especially in cleanliness!

Warewashing is not different, so we offer a premium lineup of machine chemicals, dilution control options, as well as specialties, manual liquids, bio-enzymatics, and others. Give us a call today to learn more!

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Bulk Chemicals

Do you need 55 Gallon Drums of Chemicals to get your job done?

If so, we have bulk chemical options for a large variety of end uses. Ask a rep today if bulk dispensing may be right for you, or to request samples or pricing for bulk product!

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Wood Care

A special sub-category of floor care, but one to not take lightly, is hardwood floor care. We consider ourselves truly blessed and fortunate to be partnered with the best hardwood floor chemical manufacturer in the industry.

Ask our team today for a demo of the Coaches Select Sports Floor Program, and learn how to achieve a perfect gym floor without breaking the bank! Our products are simple, easy to use, and effective. Gym floors are a highlight for your team or organization, and should be cared for by a partner who would never touch your floor with a Solvent Based compound! We fight for a deep, long-lasting gloss, with superior resistance to scuffing, soils, and heal marking. Give us a call today!

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Facility Wipes

An interesting observation: During the peaks of Covid, the only wipes we could find were gym wipes.

Today, as countless organizations have capitalized on these products, we have seen a substantial growth in organizations offering facility wipes to their team members to manage their own spaces, and ensure their work environments reflect their own individual standards of cleanliness. We are proud to offer a full line of options in this category, and would love to have a larger conversation with you about decisions we recommend to ensure you are prepared for any future supply-chain disruptions!

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