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Key Verticals

Our Chemical Line-up

Not all chemicals are created equal. As any skilled facilities staff can attest, there's no "one-size-fits-all" solution to cleaning. Different chemicals are suitable for various applications, and your site's unique nuances play a crucial role in determining the most effective cleaning regimen. We offer a diverse range of options to support your team. Take a look below!


Ready to Use Quarts

The tried-and-true method for purchasing chemicals, Ready-to-Use (RTU) chemicals are valued for their convenience, quality assurance, and cost effectiveness and are readily available from Herald.

Ready-to-use chemicals provide a convenient and efficient solution for various industries and applications, offering pre-formulated products that eliminate the need for mixing or dilution. These chemicals come with precise concentrations and compositions, ensuring consistent results while also minimizing the risk of errors or accidents during handling. With clear labeling, packaging, and accompanying documentation, ready-to-use chemicals streamline processes, enhance safety, and facilitate regulatory compliance.

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Dilution Control

Our dilution control system provides a comprehensive solution that prioritizes safety, efficiency, and sustainability in cleaning operations.

A dilution control system offers significant advantages in high-volume cleaning environments. It enhances employee safety by reducing the handling of concentrated chemicals, ensures precise dilution ratios for effective cleaning, and promotes cost control by minimizing product waste and facilitating the reuse of containers. Our Spartan VersaFill 3 option is the perfect dilution control system for all your needs.

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Floor Care

Trust us to keep your floors immaculate and your workspace inviting

Through our partnership with industry leaders like Karcher and Spartan Chemical, we provide a comprehensive range of floor care solutions tailored to your needs. From high-performance vacuum cleaners to scrubbers, polishers, and sweepers, our lineup ensures efficient maintenance in office environments of all sizes. Complementing our equipment, we offer Spartan Chemical's array of floor finishes, sealers, strippers, and more ensuring a solution for all of your floor care needs.

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Restroom Care

Our restroom care offerings prioritize health, safety, and overall satisfaction for restroom users

Maintaining a clean and hygienic restroom environment requires proper maintenance of equipment and supplies, effective odor control, consistent cleaning routines, and regular sanitization of all surfaces. Our comprehensive range of restroom-specific products, including disinfectant bowl cleaners, bathroom cleaners, deodorizers, crème cleansers, bioenzymatics, dilution control options, and more, equips your team with everything they need to uphold impeccable standards of cleanliness and hygiene

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Carpet Care

Carpet requires more than a vacuum and an annual steam cleaning. We offer pre-spray treatment, spot removers, and a full line of heavy duty carpet care chemicals.

On top of this, we have an array of carpet cleaners to use with our industrial equipment to ensure your carpet is cared for and reflects the value your organization places on its facilities. If you are not currently using encapsulation products, give us a call today to learn how the industry has progressed, and how you can elevate your carpet cleanliness!

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Food Sanitation

The kitchen is one place where excellence is always expected, especially in cleanliness!

Our program with Spartan emphasizes personal hygiene, comprehensive employee training, accurate product labeling, utilization of protective equipment, and efficient sanitation chemical selection and dispensing systems to guarantee food safety. These practices not only uphold your facility's public image but also prevent the transmission of foodborne pathogens and mitigate the risk of costly recalls through proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

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Bulk Chemicals

Investing in bulk chemicals ensures a consistent supply, offers cost savings, and reduces the frequency of reordering and handling smaller containers.

Bulk chemicals, including 55-gallon drums and 300-gallon drums offered by Herald, are essential across various industries such as manufacturing, food processing, agriculture, and hospitality. These drums are used for a wide range of applications, including sanitation, disinfection, water treatment, and production processes. Additionally, facilities management companies and cleaning contractors benefit from bulk chemicals for efficiently servicing multiple clients or large facilities.

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Wood Care

Keep your hardwood floors looking new through proper maintenance and restoration programs.

Our products are simple, easy-to-use, and highly effective, providing your wood floor with the quality care it deserves. Unlike solvent-based compounds, which can be harmful, our offerings include both oil and water-based options. These compounds deliver a deep, long-lasting gloss with superior resistance to scuffing, soils, and heel marking. Give us a call today to elevate your gym floor maintenance and ensure it stands the test of time!

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Facility Wipes

Wipes provide cleaning with fast kill times, ensuring areas are disinfected quickly.

Facility wipes offer convenience and versatility, allowing for quick and efficient cleaning of surfaces, equipment, and high-touch areas. In environments where frequent cleaning is essential, such as hospitals and food service establishments, facility cleaning wipes help prevent the spread of germs and reduce the risk of infections. With their ease of use and effectiveness, facility cleaning wipes are an indispensable tool in any cleaning regimen.

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