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Print, Promo & Apparel

Single Source Marketing

BRAND. STANDARDS. MATTER. We thought we’d put that in caps for any non-marketing folks reading this! If you are marketing, we hope you appreciate the support! Your colors, icons, logos, fonts, and any other intellectual property associated with who you are as a business matter.


Everyone's’ jobs are more complicated than people realize. One of the hidden nuances of marketing and branding is driving standardization across an organization.

What promotional products do we purchase? How do we decorate them? What PMS Colors do we use in threads on embroidering which pieces of apparel? Do the apparel options we provide our team match the culture of our company and the image we hope to portray to the community? What marketing do we offer to our team members? What gifts and collateral do we give new clients or new employees? Who does our graphic design, and do we have clear standards communicated to all of our vendors who use our logo? How do we manage our budget? Which team members are using too many uniforms? Does our printed media match our embroidery match our signs match our promotional products match our website match our social media match our.......

If you’ve ever gotten frustrated running down any of the questions above, you might just be in marketing! Fortunately, we at The Herald Group have wanted to punch through a few walls ourselves trying to sort out those questions, and have built our marketing capabilities around solving those needs!

From vinyl truck wraps to wine bottles, and from newsprint to embroidery. We don’t just print business cards and envelopes, we have a full shop with every sort of equipment imaginable to print on just about anything! We take this full offering and combine it with a custom storefront designed for your team, where employees can order company-regulated marketing materials with proper approval levels and budget support!
We know marketing is crazy...but we love the crazy and hope to partner with you to drive your brand forward!

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