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Meet Herald – Building Lasting Partnerships


Building Lasting Partnerships


We know it is a bit cliché...everyone talks about “partnerships” these days, when they really just mean “buy something from me”.  At Herald, “lasting partnerships” is more than a marketing catchphrase.  It is how we select our vendors, how we choose our team members, and how we treat our customers.  Take a meeting with our team and you will hear raw feedback on which vendors, and their leadership teams, are right for your company, and why we recommend the partner rather than the product.

Honestly, we don’t think we could be who we are if we removed any of the three critical legs we as a company rely on.  Our customers are obviously essential to who we are, but they would not be our customers if we did not partner them with key brands and strong manufacturers who can provide real solutions to their needs in a timely manner.   The third leg, our team members, serves the key role of connecting these manufacturers with the end users, while servicing, delivering, and installing the products and equipment along the way.

In the continued spirit of honesty and partnership, we want to share our simple rubric for measuring and selecting the manufacturers we partner with to recommend to our end users.  At the end of the day, we ask, “Do they view the stool the same way?”  We see our stool as requiring our team, our customers, and our manufacturers to stand.  It all boils down to the real partnership: are you an important end user for the manufacturer, and are we the distribution partner they believe in to partner with you.  If a particular manufacturer does not see the family-owned distribution channel as their future, we begin to cut ties.  If a manufacturer begins to target a select vertical, we will communicate that decision both to our customers in that vertical, ex: “This partner is really pushing to provide for your industry”, or the opposite, “This partner is one we used to recommend, but they are moving away from emphasizing your vertical so we now suggest this partner in their place.” 

A simple standard is also applied to our team: our core values.  Does the team member exemplify the following:

  • One Team—Are they more committed to the overall vision than their unique job description?
  • Customer Centric—Do they treat our customers with the respect and work ethic they deserve?
  • Excelsior—Latin for “Ever Upward”. Are they restless when it comes to constantly raising the bar?
  • Fiercely Competitive Winners—Not just sales. Are they passionate about being the best partners possible?  Will they join our fight to be the best servicing distributor in the Carolinas?
  • Innovative—Supply Chain today requires creativity. We actively pursue problem-solving individuals who will build solutions for our partners.
  • Integrity—Just a no brainer. Are they men and women of deep integrity?  If not, they have no place at the Herald Group.

As mentioned above, Building Lasting Partnerships is a lifestyle at Herald.  We desire customer relationships that last, employee team members who one day encourage their children to work here, and manufacturers who are proud to associate themselves with our brand.  If you are already a partner of ours, we thank you for all you do, as we owe all we are to all of you.