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Key Office Accessories

The unsung heroes of any office space!

There are a few items around the office that may not stay top of mind, but are critical elements to many offices to facilitate the work your teams are accomplishing!


Roll Fed Commercial Laminators

For commercial or education applications that do require bulk lamination, or frequent lamination, roll-fed commercial laminators are likely the right choice.

These industrial devices are offered in wide format or standard, and utilize both hot and cold lamination technology. With additional options such as auto-feed lamination, we’ve got something for just about everyone in this category. Check out our top brands and products today!

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Sheet Fed Auto Laminators

The standard in most moderate use applications is a pouch fed laminator.

Insert your media into the pouch thickness you desire, run it through the machine, and trim down your final product. Select machines based on maximum lamination pouch thickness allowed, sheets per minute, width, and warm-up speed. With a variety of equipment with varying price points and stats, we’ve got the products your office needs!

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Lamination Supplies

There are somewhat specific requirements for refills and supplies to every piece of lamination equipment.

Are you using a pouch system with width limitations or are you using a cold-laminating roll machine? Whatever your use case, we’ve got the refills in stock to fill your needs! Ask our team today which product best fits your individual needs, or take a look below at some of our most popular lamination supplies!

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Cutting Solutions

Any bindery isn’t complete without proper paper handling products.

Whether you need a simple lever cutter, a larger rotary cut system, or a full size hydraulic cutter, we’ve got you!

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