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Our Companies

Meet the Companies, Divisions, and Acquisition Partners of The Herald Group!

{ "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/GoldenLife-cropped.svg", "name": "The Golden Life", "text": "The Golden Life was originally founded by Chad and Cindy Buffkin in xxxx. A Senior Living Periodical, the Golden Life is printed monthly and distributed across the Pee Dee and Coastal Regions of South Carolina. The Publication highlights good news and stories for senior citizens, with sections such as travel, jokes, topical Q&A’s, and medical advice. Chad joined our team in early 2022, and we have continued to serve his nearly 30,000 readers ever since!", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/TheDillonHerald_1.svg", "name": "The Dillon Herald", "text": "The Dillon Herald was the original company of what today stands as the Herald Group. A newspaper founded by Arthur Buist Jordan, Sr. in 1894, The Herald paved the way for all that we as an organization are and stand for today. We still print the bi-weekly publication, with general manager Johnnie Daniels serving at the helm for over 50 years! We make it our aim to promote the news of Dillon County in as objective of a manner as possible, and publish content both in paper form and through our social media and website.", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/NewsandPress_1.svg", "name": "The Darlington News and Press", "text": "The Darlington News and Press is the local newspaper of Darlington County. We proudly maintain a strong, local paper, attending ball games and events, and publicizing local news for the local community!", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/HeraldPublishing_1.svg", "name": "Herald Publishing", "text": "Herald Publishing is the parent company over all of our printing divisions and news publications. Entities like The Dillon Herald, Herald Glass, The News and Press, and others all fall under this umbrella, and share resources to bring the most value possible to their customers and partners.", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/HeraldPrintingandGraphics_1.svg", "name": "Herald Printing and Graphics", "text": "Herald Printing and Graphics serves as a wholesaler to the print industry. Originally Herald Multiforms, the plant runs everything from long-run multi-part receipt books to state-of-the-art digital equipment. Complete with a full staff of graphic designers, HPG is an excellent partner both to Herald Office and to countless other printing companies across the Southeastern United States!", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/HeraldEmbroideryandUniforms_1.svg", "name": "Herald Embroidery and Uniforms", "text": "What began as a simple division to manage The Herald Groups own internal uniforms has grown to become a substantial uniform and branded apparel provider not only in the Carolinas but with companies nationwide. With both Tajima and Melco embroidery equipment in both single and multi-head configurations, our team decorates a wide range of products, not limited to clothing alone. Ask a team member about our online portals and uniform management programs, or simply grab something new to throw your logo on!", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/HeraldGlassDivision_1.svg", "name": "Herald Glass Division", "text": "A crazy division, expanding into its own company. Herald Glass is a leader in the South for decoration equipment. We led the United States with the first four-tunnel glass printing digital press from our partners at LSINC. We began by printing mason jars, and now print wine bottles, Chill-Cups, and any type of cylindrical media. With a robust screen press joining the mix in 2023, this category is one of our most innovative and exciting across the group!", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/HeraldBottling_1.svg", "name": "Herald Bottling", "text": "No one would have guessed when we began selling 5 Gallon Water that we would one day sell more water than copy paper! Today, to manage the category’s growth, we have invested in industry-leading equipment to purify, re-mineralize, and bottle our own water. Complete with lab testing, DHEC regulatory support and inspections, and a full quality control team, Herald Bottling proudly treats already pure water with Reverse Osmosis before bottling it for our partners.", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/HeraldTechnologies_1.svg", "name": "Herald Technologies", "text": "An ever expanding company, Herald Technologies hold our Copier, Managed Print, Quadient, Networking, and Audio Visual Teams. With sales and local service technicians, we offer a vast range of products to suit any need or budget.", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/HeraldOffice_1_1.svg", "name": "Herald Office Supply", "text": "Perhaps our most recognizable company, Herald Office Supply is a business products distributor covering 12 locations across the Carolinas. We are a service driven organization with a focus on making procurement easy for your team. As one of the oldest office products companies in the country, we continue to believe in local businesses taking care of each other in an old-fashioned way. Call us today to meet one of our local team members in your market, and learn why thousands of businesses choose to partner with Herald Office!", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/HeraldLeasing_1_1.svg", "name": "Herald Leasing", "text": "If you have ever dealt with a third-party leasing company, you likely understand the value of sourcing copiers from a company with their own leasing arm. We charge a single, simple rate, with no surprises along the way. Our internal leasing company makes it easy to deal with a single point of content for hardware, service, and leasing payments, and gives our partners flexibility in how they fund their office technology!", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/HeraldCommunityPress_1_1.svg", "name": "Herald Community Press", "text": "Web presses are truly fascinating to watch run, and our Goss Community Press is no exception! As one of the most incredible companies we have, the Herald Community Press is the physical newspaper press that we use to print publications across the Carolinas. Give us a call or stop by if you are ever interested in watching it in action, or if you own a publication you’d be interested in having printed!", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/True-Vine-Logo_1.png", "name": "Herald Cleaning Services", "text": "Herald Cleaning Services is our newest company. Whether you need a full janitorial contract for cleaning your spaces or just a strip and topcoat on your polished floors, we’ve got a team that can help. Specializing in routine cleaning, maintenance services (and even training) our commercial cleaning programs are designed to keep your facility clean and your employees & customers healthy. ", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/HeraldInteriorsLogo-cropped.svg", "name": "Herald Interiors", "text": "", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }

Herald Acquisition Partners

{ "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/TotalOffice_1.svg", "name": "Total Office Solutions", "text": "Larry and Karen Frierson, along with their team at Total Office Solutions in Columbia, SC, joined the Herald Group in November of 2019. They brought an incredible team of sales, service, and support, along with their Quadient Partnership to Herald.", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/OfficeSupplyCenter_1.svg", "name": "The Office Supply Center", "text": "Unfortunately, not all mergers come from happy beginnings. The Office Supply Center joined our team after Frank, the previous owner, suddenly passed away. We worked with his widow, Patricia, to transition the customers to Herald and to assume his legacy, and continue to endeavor to provide the same level of support in Greenwood, SC that he did for so many years. Today, Greenwood is an anchor for our upstate business, and we feel immensely blessed to be a part of the community!", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/McBrideOffice_1.svg", "name": "McBride Office Supply", "text": "Mac McBride and Holly Traywick were third-generation owners in Greenville, South Carolina. They joined our team in 2016. Holly retired in 2017 and Mac stayed on until Covid came around (he decided to travel the world in an RV)! We continue to partner with the same local companies in the upstate, and have been excited to see constant growth as we continue to invest in those markets!", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/AmericanPenandPanel_1.svg", "name": "American Pen and Panel", "text": "If you are from the Rock Hill area, you probably know Dave Brady and his team from American Pen and Panel. They are amazing folks who joined us in 2021, and we have loved participating in the greater Rock Hill Community! We finally got settled in our new location early 2022 and look forward to continuing to serve our partners for many years to come!", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/CorporateResources_1.svg", "name": "Corporate Resources", "text": "Corporate Resources was an amazing company to have join our team in 2018. The Bowen family ran the business for several generations and served the market with a print and sign shop, as well as office products and furniture. We are striving to build on their legacy with the continuation of exterior signage, still using their bucket truck and installation equipment! Craig Bowen and his team continue to run the market, which has now become our largest transactional furniture location in the company!", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/OfficeConnectionsNew.svg", "name": "Office Connections", "text": "An incredible company with wonderful values, there may be no better example of blended culture than with Pam and Tom Hiers’ team joining us in Charleston. Both companies had been operating a few blocks away from each other for years, and we blended the teams in August of 2014. Their team stayed on for several years until they were fully ready for retirement, and we continue to serve the Charleston market as a blended team today!", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/header-logo.png", "name": "One Source", "text": "One Source Distribution evolved from a small wholesale business that was started in 1921 in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Over the years, One Source has served the South-eastern United States in multiple supply verticals. Most recently, One Source has distributed in the areas of facility supplies to include janitorial chemicals, paper supplies and equipment. The company recently received it's 40-year recognition as a Spartan Chemical Distributor. One Source was acquired by Herald in March of 2023.", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/True-Vine-Logo.png", "name": "True Vine", "text": "TVS Commercial Cleaning Services was acquired by Herald in March of 2023 and still operates under the True Vine name. Originally formed to serve the medical industry in 2010 the company expanded over time into a full-service building service contractor and supplier. TVS exceeds cleaning standards and needs for healthcare, industry, education, local and state government, and businesses and offers training, cleaning products, and management software to make your business sparkle!", "button_name": "", "button_link": "" }


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