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Key Office Accessories

The unsung heroes of any office space!

There are a few items around the office that may not stay top of mind, but are critical elements to many offices to facilitate the work your teams are accomplishing!


Personal Shredders

Good things do come in small packages!

Deskside shredders for the personal home or small office add a layer of simplicity and security to your team. If your team handles sensitive documents with information regarding your customers, employees, or finances, it often benefits the organization to make it convenient for your team to shred documents quickly. Check out our line-up of small capacity cross and straight cut shredders today!

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Commercial Shredders

While personal shredders remain important for team members to destroy sensitive documents quickly and conveniently, there are always times where a larger shred job is necessary.

With large capacity shredders capable of handling more documents at a time, as well as a wastebin that can handle higher volumes between fills, these machines add an additional layer of convenience to the office by allowing your team to destroy bulk documents quickly and securely!

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Walkaway Shredding

Many businesses today employee subcontractors to do the shredding for them.

It is just too simple to dump documents in a secure bin, and then walk away. However, cost-conscious companies today are moving to a similar but more cost effective solution—walk away shredding! Manufacturers today have created a wide array of shredders that allow a user to put several hundred documents into, securely lock the shredder, and simply walk away. The device destroys the documents over the next few minutes, eliminating the need to pay a costly outside service to do it for you!

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Government Approved Shredders

For highly secure environments, simple cross-cut shredding is not enough.

Did you know that shredders are rated within levels of how securely (how small of pieces) they shred documents? Machines range from low security (P-1) shredders to high security (P-7), with most law firms and financial institutions accepting P-5 (Micro-Cut), most government offices accepting P-6 (Super Micro-Cut), and Top Secret Government offices requiring P-7 (High Security-Cut). Check out our full line today!

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Bags and Oil

Just like your car, maintenance is required to keep any shredder running long term.

While some shredders are equipped with self-oiling capabilities, others do require manual oiling. Simply coat a few sheets of paper in oil, fold them, shred them, and then manually run the shredder for a few seconds to “grease the gears”! We offer several shredder oil products, as well as bags to fit all of our products!

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