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Pack and Ship Station

Mailroom Accessories for any Operation

It takes a lot to ship. Effective outbound shipping requires software integrations, printers and labels, packaging supplies, and more.

Single Source Shipping

Herald offers the full solution for any mailroom or ship station needs.

At Herald, you will find a complete solution to your mail and shipping needs.

From a local team of trained Postage Meter Technicians to a full Delivery Team for supplies, we’ve got you. We have sales team members who specialize in reducing and tracking postage spend, as well as equipment ranging from inserters to meters, folders to printers. Find out why almost 1,000 companies in the Carolinas have ditched the national competitor in exchange for local support and specialization!

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Aggressive Pricing

If you use a national brand for meters or supplies, you may be surprised to find out how competitive we can be! Get a quote today!

Full Supplies

Need stretch film or straps, bubble wrap or poly bags? Look no further! Ask our team about solutions today!

Local Service

Few companies have local support for their clients, but we do!

Innovative Partners

Our partners are constantly bringing innovation to the shipping space. Give us a call to hear about new solutions to old problems!

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{ "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/service-maintenance-worker-repairing_1.jpg", "title": "MRO", "text": "If you need warehouse supplies to accompany your ship station, take a look at our Maintenance, Repair, and Operations page!", "link": "/facilities-and-janitorial-mro" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/mailboxes-2022-05-31-00-58-09-utc_1_1.jpg", "title": "Printed Envelopes", "text": "Most mailrooms use printed envelopes. Get a quote from Herald’s Printing Team, or see online storefront options here!", "link": "/print-promo-and-apparel-digital-storefront" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/Environment_SileaEH_05_HI_1.jpg", "title": "Quick Ship Furniture", "text": "Need a stool, shelving, or other storage, fast? Check out our quick-ship programs below!", "link": "/furniture-and-interiors-quick-ship-furniture-seating" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/AdobeStock_421340736.jpg", "title": "Mailing Software", "text": "Software for shipping and mailing has grown to be phenomenal complex and capable. See what’s new and get a consult today!", "link": "/mailroom-shipping-technology" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/SupplyCloset_1.jpg", "title": "Office Supplies", "text": "All your office needs, all in one place. Search supplies in the search bar or learn more about the category below!", "link": "/business-products" }, { "image": "https://us.evocdn.io/dealer/1284/content/media/My_Theme/handsome-businessman-work-place-with-copy-machine-copier-office_1.jpg", "title": "Copiers and MPS", "text": "Considering a change in mailing equipment? Take a look at our full technology team to see how Herald offers a single technology source!", "link": "/copiers-and-managed-print" }

Additional Herald Options

Take a look at these additional product categories Herald uses to engage the mailroom space!

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Ask for a quote today for any of the categories above. We look forward to hearing from you and will get back right away!

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