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Furniture & Interiors

Crafting Unique Comfort for Every Distinct Space

Our manufacturer partners have crafted customized solutions aligning with the key market initiatives of various industries. Connect with a member of our team to explore the latest trends in your industry, as we aspire to collaborate in optimizing your workspace for your needs!


State and Local

Proudly collaborating with both North and South Carolina, we specialize in state contract interiors.

With an extensive network of vendor partners, our team is well-equipped to bring your next space to life! Give us a call today to inquire about the current contract options and discover the incredible possibilities for your space!


General Commercial Office Furniture represents one of our most extensive service verticals, catering to a wide range of businesses and organizations.

Financial institutions, manufacturing facilities, real estate offices and restaurants all have distinctive spaces and unique needs for their respective fields. Whether you require a revamped breakroom, a call center with efficient cubicles for a quiet atmosphere, a striking lobby reflecting your brand, or a series of executive offices for your team, we can tailor your space to meet your needs. With decades of industry experience, we are committed to transforming your work environments to enhance functionality and aesthetics.


We dont just furnish; We innovate for the future of education.

Whether for K-12 or higher education, our team stands as one of the most experienced in the Southeast, offering not only classroom furniture but complete workspaces for administration, outdoor areas, auditoriums, and various other educational spaces! We go beyond just selling furniture; we immerse ourselves in the study of education. Recognizing the significance of how students learn, our goal is to collaborate with educators in creating spaces that foster the most advanced learning environments in the marketplace!


Healthcare is a critical, delicate, and complex vertical we are proud to serve.

Our team is well-versed in the critical qualifications of healthcare furniture and can help make suggestions to meet your unique needs. Our solutions support wellness and are designed for long term use to withstand the rigors of healthcare environments.


The public sector has transitioned from conventional office setups to adaptable and dynamic work styles

The overall rise in contract workers, teleworkers and non-traditional work style preferences have forced public sector offices to adapt to a more flexible workspace. Our team of professionals is ready to assist in designing and crafting supportive seating, durable desks, and smart storage to address the changing needs of the industry. In collaboration with our government partners, we deliver "exceptional products that mirror the powerhouse performance and superior precision exemplified by government officials."


General Commercial Office Furniture is perhaps the most widespread vertical we serve.

Financial institutions, manufacturing facilities, real estate offices, or even restaurants all have not only unique spaces in their facilities, but also unique needs for their particular fields. Do you need a remodeled breakroom? A cubical call center where you hope to put as many people as possible in a quiet room? A new lobby that shows off your brand in a big way? A row of executive offices for your team? Whatever your space, we can make it work for you, and will bring decades of industry experience to the table to transform your work environments!

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